Senator Nozzolio Announces “Absurd” Bicycle License Plate Proposal Withdrawn

Michael F. Nozzolio

March 04, 2011

State Senator Mike Nozzolio has successfully called for the withdrawal of an outrageous new tax proposal that would require every bicycle in the State to be licensed.

The proposed legislation, introduced in the New York City-controlled State Assembly, would have created even more unnecessary regulations and fees for taxpayers by mandating that all bicycles be registered and forced to pass inspection.

“ If there’s one thing New Yorkers don’t need, it’s another ridiculous, invasive new tax. Imposing new fees on every bicycle owner in the State would only drive more job-creating small businesses away from New York and discourage tourism and outdoor recreation,” said Senator Nozzolio. “Instead of creating absurd new taxes, we should focus on rolling back the outrageous tax increases imposed over the past two years by the New York City legislators that have cost the average family of four nearly $5,000.”

The legislation would have required all bicycles to be registered and pass a safety inspection -- including lamp and equipment requirements. Riders would have to pay $25 for a license plate for their personal bikes, with a $5 renewal fee each year. Those who ride commercial bikes would pay $50, and would also have to buy insurance. Even children under 18 would have to get license plates for their bikes and have a special mark on their plate.

The proposal has drawn outrage from bicycle shop owners, outdoor recreation enthusiasts and families across the State who are fed up with the idea of yet another costly, unnecessary and intrusive government regulation.

“New York taxpayers have spoken loudly and clearly that the State cannot balance the budget through devastating tax hikes, and I am glad the New York City legislators in the State Assembly have withdrawn their misguided proposal,” said Senator Nozzolio. “It is time to take the firm and decisive actions needed to cut taxes, reduce spending and open our State up for business so that people can find the opportunities they need to remain right here in New York.”