Senator Nozzolio Announces Adoption of Legislation Capping Agricultural Land Assessments at 2 Percent Per Year

Michael F. Nozzolio

October 25, 2013

Senator Mike Nozzolio today announced the adoption of legislation designed to cap agricultural land assessment increases at two percent per year, ensuring more predictable tax rates for New York’s hardworking farmers.

“In the Finger Lakes region, agriculture is the backbone of our economy. Virtually every business, family and individual in our region directly or indirectly depends on agriculture, the single largest job producing enterprise in New York State,” said Senator Mike Nozzolio. “This important measure, which I supported and helped to enact, will help our local farmers keep their land so that they can continue to support our economy by providing the food we all need for sustainability."

Currently, 25 percent of New York’s taxable land is agricultural. There is no doubt that high property taxes on agricultural land has put New York at a competitive disadvantage with other states. A two percent tax cap on annual agricultural assessment rates will help keep New York’s family farms competitive.

“The adoption of the agricultural tax cap is the next step in our aggressive efforts to make New York State competitive once again and will encourage private sector businesses to invest and create jobs here in New York. It is my belief that we must do everything possible to cut taxes and grow jobs to create a better future for our young people, friends and community,” said Senator Mike Nozzolio.

Senator Nozzolio has been named to the “Circle of Friends” by the Farm Bureau each year since he was elected to the State Senate for his long-standing support of New York State agriculture. As State Senator, he worked to establish the Ag-Tech Park at the New York Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, a state-of-the art food laboratory that focuses on job growth and development in agriculture, food, and biological-based enterprises.

Additionally, Senator Nozzolio secured the State funding needed to build new greenhouse facilities used for agricultural research at the Geneva Experiment Station and led the effort to create the Finger Lakes Viticulture Center, which will be constructed on land near the Ag-Tech Park in Geneva. The Finger Lakes Viticulture Center will support the growing wine and grape industry in our region, create new exciting job opportunities and continue to put the Finger Lakes region at the forefront of agricultural research and development. The Viticulture Center will serve as a permanent location for Finger Lakes Community College’s groundbreaking Viticulture and Wine Technology Program - the only program of its kind in the Northeast. 

During the previous legislative session, Senator Nozzolio fought hard to support a number of initiatives designed to strengthen agriculture, including investments to expand the marketing of New York products such as maple, apples and berries, support for agricultural research and education, and the creation of the Market NY initiative to bolster tourism and better market our agricultural products. Additionally, Senator Nozzolio led the effort to eliminate the Utility Tax over the next three years, reducing the burden on every ratepayer in our State.