Senator Nozzolio Encouraging Donations to Help Local Soldier and His Platoon in Afghanistan

Michael F. Nozzolio

August 19, 2011

New York State Senator Mike Nozzolio is encouraging members of the community to help out a local soldier and his platoon serving in Afghanistan by sending them toiletries and other supplies to replace a shipment of personal items that was stolen overseas.

PFC Andrew Long, of Geneva, was deployed to Afghanistan with his unit in June.  The soldiers packed toiletries and other personal items to last for a year, which were to be shipped to them when they reported to their operating base. Unfortunately, the shipment containing these supplies was hijacked somewhere between Pakistan and the base. All of the soldiers’ belongings were stolen, and they now have no personal items readily available to them.

“Andrew Long and his fellow servicemen and women have left their families and friends to fight for a cause greater than themselves. Now they have lost the few comforts from home that were available to them, and they need our support,” said Senator Nozzolio.  “I am encouraging everyone to send whatever items they can to help these brave soldiers who sacrifice every day to protect our freedoms.”

The platoon’s situation was brought to Senator Nozzolio’s attention by Andrew’s mother Susan Cooper. Susan has been asking family and friends to donate toiletries and other personal items to her son’s unit and is trying to reach out to local businesses and community organizations to help increase donations.

Items the soldiers need most include:

·        soap

·        deodorant

·        toothbrushes and toothpaste 

·        shampoo

·        powder

·        baby wipes (used for personal hygiene when no showers are available)

·        sheets, blankets and pillow cases

·        3-in-1 laundry detergent

·        Books, magazines and movies

·        hang-up air fresheners

Anyone wishing to help these brave servicemen and women can ship boxes with these items to Andrew Long, who will forward the supplies to the other soldiers in his platoon. Donations can be sent to:


PFC Andrew Long

509th EN CO 1st PLT


APO AE 09382