Senator Nozzolio Ranked as Top “Pro-Jobs Supporter” by Business Council

Michael F. Nozzolio

September 16, 2010

In recognition of his efforts to support job growth, cut taxes and remove unnecessary regulations that impede job development, State Senator Mike Nozzolio has been named one of the top “Pro Jobs Supporters” in the Senate by the Business Council of New York State as part of the Council’s 2010 Voters’ Guide.

New York’s independent business owners, job creators and entrepreneurs are the engine for economic growth in our State,” said Senator Nozzolio. “If we are going to get New York State moving the in the right direction again, creating a favorable environment for these job-producing businesses to grow must be our top priority. It is an honor to receive this recognition from the Business Council and I am more determined than ever to fight to grow jobs, enhance small business, and revitalize the Upstate New York economy.”

Senator Nozzolio was recognized by the Business Council for voting against this year’s anti-jobs, anti-growth State budget, which raises taxes by $4 billion, including increased income taxes and new business taxes and fees. He was also applauded for opposing a number of costly, job-killing new business regulations and for his aggressive efforts to put a cap on the State’s out-of-control property taxes.

In addition to being ranked as a top Pro-Jobs Supporter by the Business Council, Senator Nozzolio has also been recognized by the “Unshackle Upstate” coalition as one of the top Senators for his 100% voting record to support New York taxpayers’ priorities. He has also been honored by the National Federation of Independent Businesses' (NFIB) as a recipient of the “Guardian of Small Business” award.

Senator Nozzolio has long advocated aggressively for Upstate New York’s independent business community. Currently, he is fighting for a comprehensive Economic Recovery Plan to help the private sector recover from the recession. This plan includes:

·        Cap on property taxes

·        Constitutional Cap on State spending;

·        Job Creation Tax Credit to employers for every NEW job created;

·        Implement a tax and fee moratorium for small businesses, manufacturers and farms;

·        Eliminate the corporate franchise tax on small businesses and manufacturers;

·        Impose a total moratorium on red tape imposed by State agencies.

“We can and must take the necessary steps to turn our State around. We must restore fiscal accountability, put people back to work and create business and career opportunities so that our young people can find good paying jobs right here in our region,” said Senator Nozzolio. “I look forward to working with the Business Council and job-creating businesses throughout Upstate New York to create a better future for our children, friends and communities.”