Senator Nozzolio Sponsors “Jobs for Heroes” Legislation

Michael F. Nozzolio

January 14, 2014

Continuing his strong commitment to our veterans, New York State Senator Mike Nozzolio announced today that he is sponsoring “Jobs for Heroes” (S2803).  This important legislation is designed to support existing businesses as well as create new business and job opportunities for military service-disabled veterans.

“It my belief that there is no greater debt of honor owed to anyone than that which every American citizen owes to our veterans.  This important measure will help ensure that our disabled veterans will have the opportunity to start a new business or expand an existing business right here in the greater-Finger Lakes region. As State Senator, I will continue my efforts to honor the dedication, commitment and sacrifices of our servicemen and women,” said Senator Mike Nozzolio.  

“Jobs for Heroes” would establish a program to provide State contract preferences for small businesses owned by a military service-disabled veteran.  The program would be managed by the New York State Division of Veterans Affairs, and would set a goal of awarding 3% of State contracts to businesses owned by military service-disabled veterans. This important legislation would mirror a highly successful program at the federal level and similar legislation that has been enacted in nearly forty other states.

“Just as our veterans recognized their duty to honor and serve their Nation, we too must recognize our duty as Americans to honor the profound sacrifices they made so that we can live our lives in freedom.  That is why I will continue to fight for measures that provide educational, business and job opportunities for our veterans, and why I am hopeful that both houses of the State Legislature will work to adopt this important measure without delay,” said Senator Mike Nozzolio.

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