Statement by Senator Nozzolio on the State Budget Process

Michael F. Nozzolio

March 30, 2010

It is unconscionable that the Downstate State Senators and State Assemblymen, who control both Houses of the Legislature, left Albany without even trying to get the State budget enacted by the April 1 deadline.

As was the case last year, these same legislators arrogantly prepare a budget in complete secrecy, and totally disregard the law they supported by failing to conduct conference committees, which would have moved along negotiations, and put the process out in the open where it belongs.

Last year, these same legislators forced through a state budget that contained out-of-control taxes and spending.  This year, I am very concerned they will continue this terrible tax and spend routine, but add massive borrowing to their repertoire of bad fiscal policy that is tremendously hurtful to our families, the State’s economy, and our future.

Today I am calling on the leaders of the Senate and Assembly to conduct conference committees immediately.  The taxpayers have a right to know what policies are being discussed, and what their government is considering.  I also call on these same leaders to scrap their irresponsible borrowing plan, implement spending cuts and a Constitutional spending cap, stop any and all tax hikes, create a property tax cap, and focus on making New York State economically competitive once again.  Our taxpayers, small businesses, farmers, schools, local governments and the public deserve to have answers.  We need a responsible state budget, and we need it now.