Statement From State Senator Mike Nozzolio on Governor Cuomo’s Executive Budget Proposal

Michael F. Nozzolio

January 17, 2012

Governor Cuomo’s proposed Executive Budget expands on the historic success of our partnership last year to provide further relief from taxes and unfunded mandates, ensure fiscal responsibility and create a pro-job growth environment in our State. It is greatly encouraging that, for the second straight year, the Governor has released an Executive Budget that cuts overall State spending and closes the State’s deficit with NO new or increased taxes or fees.

I also strongly support Governor Cuomo’s plan to remove the burden of Medicaid costs from county governments, a measure that would eliminate the single largest unfunded mandate facing our municipalities and save taxpayers billions of dollars. As a co-sponsor of legislation that would implement a State takeover of Medicaid, I will work with the Governor to ensure that this proposal is adopted in the final budget.

As a result of the decisive savings actions we took last year, I am also pleased that Governor Cuomo was able to propose a significant increase in State support for education. During the upcoming budget negotiations, I will continue fighting to ensure that this increase in State aid is distributed fairly and equitably to our local schools.

In the coming weeks, I look forward to reviewing the Governor’s specific recommendations and working to develop a balanced, on-time budget that represents the next step in our plan to transform New York State.