Attorney General James Launches Inquiry into Dangerous Conditions at Subway Station

Significant Flooding at Court Square Station Resulted in Individual Almost Colliding with Oncoming Train

NEW YORK—Attorney General Letitia James today announced that her office is launching an inquiry in response to an incident at the Court Street subway station in Queens, NY whereby an individual nearly collided with a moving train because of excessive flooding in the station. In response to a letter from Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris, Attorney General James is demanding that New Line Structures and Civetta Construction, the companies responsible for recent construction work at the station, produce relevant documents, including contracts, and that all documents related to work on this station be preserved.  

“This is an incredibly dangerous situation that easily could have resulted in the loss of a life, and we need answers,” said Attorney General Letitia James. “These companies are hired to improve conditions without jeopardizing public safety. Yet, I am deeply concerned that instead they may have created a treacherous environment for New Yorkers in this incident. My office is looking into the companies responsible for this work because such dangerous conditions are unacceptable. And I thank Senator Gianaris for his advocacy and partnership in finding and holding accountable those responsible for this hazard.”

“As the MTA struggles to deliver on its mission for New Yorkers, this is another horrible incident that reveals the dangers subway riders face just for trying to move around our city,” said Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris. “In this case, people were nearly killed due to the negligence of a private corporation which must be held to account. In situations like this, too much deference is typically afforded to faceless corporate entities to the detriment of the public and I thank Attorney General James for looking into this deplorable episode, holding these contractors accountable, and seeking whatever remedies are available for the serious damages caused.”

The incident occurred on Wednesday eveningduring a period of heavy rain in New York City. In a video, viewers can see an individual, who was on the subway platform at Court Square, forced off of his feet by a forceful stream of water gushing across the platform, just as a train was arriving into the station. The individual almost collides with an oncoming train because of the force of the water stream. The water stream can be seen emanating from an area of the platform that is under construction and being managed by New Line Structures and Civetta Construction. 

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