Gianaris Fights for Traffic Safety at Queens Plaza in Long Island City

Senator Michael Gianaris, Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan and Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer, along with local businesses and residents, held a rally demanding that the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) investigate the layout and design of the street grid around Queens Plaza.

In the last 10 days two major accidents have occurred in this area.

In both incidents, vehicles failed to acknowledge and negotiate the sharp turn at the end of the Long Island City side of the Queensboro Bridge as they exited, causing them to jump the curb and crash. This horrific oversight resulted in not only serious injuries to the vehicles’ drivers and passengers, but also in the fatality of a pedestrian and considerable damage to local businesses.

In addition to the rally, the elected officials sent a letter to NYCDOT. They demanded an immediate and comprehensive review of all Queensboro Bridge off-ramps, and requested that NYCDOT install enhanced traffic and safety devices along Queens Plaza.

“This situation is intolerable and inexcusable,” stated Senator Michael Gianaris.“Queens motorists, residents and small business owners should not have to endure errant, projectile vehicles being launched at them on a weekly basis due to the dangerous design of an off-ramp. It is vital that we remedy this area to ensure the safety of all individuals travelling through or enjoying the streets of western Queens.”

“It’s clear that motorists need to slow down when exiting the Koch-Queensboro Bridge, but it’s also clear that the signage and lane markings in the area are confusing and warrant review,” stated Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney. “These terrible accidents have claimed one life andimperiled many others – so let’s take action now to make this off-ramp safer for drivers, pedestrians, and business owners.”

“Department of Transportation needs to take a look at the design and set up of the street grid around Queens Plaza,” said Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan. “Safety concerns need to be addressed to make sure all those traveling in Western Queens are safe.”

“The tragic accidents that happened in Queens Plaza just days apart highlight a major need for the implementation of traffic calming measures in the area,” said Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer. “Pedestrian, vehicle and bicycle safety is critical for Queens Plaza and the Department of Transportation must implement additional safety measures to prevent and deter accidents like this from happening again.”