Senator Gianaris Calls on DEP to Conduct City-Wide Review of Sewage Systems Near Waterways

Review Demanded After Discovery that Sewage from Astoria Park Bathrooms Leaked into East River for Decades

(Queens, NY) – Following the discovery that sewage from Astoria Park bathrooms flowed into the East River for more than 80 years, Senator Michael Gianaris called on the Department of Environmental Protection to launch an immediate and comprehensive city-wide review of properties adjacent to waterways, in order to ensure a similar situation is not occurring elsewhere in our city.

"Untold environmental damage has been done to our waterways over several decades due to sewage pumping directly into our waters," said Senator Michael Gianaris. "Now that this possibility has been discovered, it is critical we ensure similar situations do not exist elsewhere in the city." 

Since the 1930’s, sewage from the Astoria Park pool and Charybdis Playground bathroom facilities, have been dumped directly into the East River. Currently, restroom facilities at Charybdis Playground are closed and will reopen in 2019.

Senator Michael Gianaris is one of New York's environmental leaders, authoring the state’s Clean Energy Law, and encouraging the reduction of pollution and the ensuring of safe and reliable water supply. Additionally, Senator Gianaris’ advocacy for enhanced environmental protections have reshaped New York’s fight against climate change and have helped to maintain eco-friendly communities.

A letter has been sent to the Department of Environmental Protection calling for this review.