Senator Gianaris Calls on SCA to Review Proposed Sunnyside Middle School Construction Plan

Michael Gianaris

October 12, 2016

(Sunnyside, NY) – As a longtime advocate for new schools in western Queens, Senator Michael Gianaris called on the New York City School Construction Authority to review the proposed Sunnyside middle school construction plan, in order to determine if there is a way to unite plans for a much-needed middle school with the historic nature of the Clarence Stein Sunnyside Community Garage.


Senator Michael Gianaris said, “While the severely overcrowded schools in this community make this new middle school both welcome and necessary, the SCA would ideally construct this new building in a way that maintains the historic nature of the neighborhood.”


The location for the proposed 600-seat middle school was a former two-story garage, then occupied by a pool hall, now currently vacant.


Senator Gianaris has fought to end school overcrowding in our neighborhoods. With CEC Districts 24 and 30 being two of the most overcrowded districts in the city, Senator Gianaris called for a $682 million investment in an education infrastructure bank, which would help schools deal with needs involving physical capacity and school construction.


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