Senator Gianaris Holds High Score on Environmental Scorecard




For Immediate Release: November 16, 2015

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Senator Gianaris Holds High Score on Environmental Scorecard


(Queens, NY) – Senator Michael Gianaris earned a high score on this year’s EPL/Environmental Advocates “Environmental Scorecard.” Each year Environmental Advocates tracks the environmental voting records of the entire New York State Legislature, including bills that could help or harm our air, land and water. Senator Gianaris, for a second consecutive year, earned the Environmental Advocates' high score designation by supporting proposals that would help our environment and opposing those that would harm it.

“I hold great pride in doing my best for our climate and the overall environment," said Senator Michael Gianaris.“I will continue to be a fierce advocate for our environment and sponsor bills that will improve our air and water quality at this critical moment in history.”

Senator Gianaris’ high score is reflective of his advocacy for enhanced environmental protections and the need to reshape New York’s energy policy. Senator Gianaris wrote the state's Clean Energy Law, which encourages the private sector to utilize modern technologies to reduce pollution while increasing productivity. Additionally, Senator Gianaris has sponsored legislation aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions to fight climate change.


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