Senator Gianaris to Introduce Legislation Banning State From Entering Into Secrecy Deals Like That Used by Amazon

Legislation Would Ban State Agencies, Local Governments from Entering Non-Disclosure Agreements as Part of Economic Development Contracts

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Senator Michael Gianaris is introducing new legislation that would ban governments from entering non-disclosure agreements at the insistence of private corporations engaging in economic development talks. After nearly 15 months of secret negotiations, the State and City of New York recently announced a deal with Amazon to open a headquarters in Long Island City, Queens, at a cost of $3 billion in public subsidies.

“Corporate interests should not have the power to dictate to our governments when they should withhold important information from the public they serve,” said Senator Michael Gianaris. “The secretive process surrounding the Amazon deal sets a dangerous precedent that must be prohibited so that our government answers to the people, not wealthy corporations.”

State freedom of information laws already contain provisions regarding the disclosure of information to the public and exceptions thereto when sensitive data is involved.