Senator Gianaris Pushes For More Education Efforts Due To Increased Number Of Bed Bug Cases

Number of confirmed cases tripled this year in NYC public schools 

Queens, NY – The number of bed bug cases in New York City public schools drastically increased during the 2010-2011 academic year as compared to the prior year. According to the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE), around 3,590 cases of bedbugs were reported this year, which is over three times more than last year’s 1,019 cases. Senator Gianaris stresses that school teachers and administrators need to be more vigilant in notifying parents of measures they can take to combat bed bugs in order to keep the epidemic from spreading. 

Following NYC DOE’s announcement in February that the number of bed bug inflictions in city public schools was on pace to more than triple this year, Senator Gianaris pushed for increased notification and education of how bed bugs can spread in schools. 

“Education is our best weapon to combat this sharp increase in bed bug cases,” Senator Gianaris said. “We need to work extra hard to remind students, parents and teachers of the importance of education and personal hygiene inside and outside of the classroom to combat this infestation from spreading further.” 

Senator Gianaris’ Bed Bug Notification Bill for New York City Public Schools was signed into law in August 2010. The legislation requires that the Parent Teacher Association and all parents of potentially affected New York City school children receive notification and prevention tips from school health officials upon detection of bed bugs in their child's school.