Senator Gianaris Seeks to Enhance Voting Process Through Sponsored Legislation

Reminds New Yorkers of the importance of voting in upcoming September 13 elections.

Queens, NY – Senator Michael Gianaris has introduced four bills in the Senate that would strengthen the voting process and make ballot-casting more convenient. These measures would result in increased voter participation and a more efficient Board of Elections.

Senator Gianaris said, “The upcoming special elections remind us of the importance of voting. As we quickly approach 2012, it is vital that we make voting an accessible and convenient process in order to maximize turnout. Every ballot counts, and New Yorkers must be able to exercise this valuable right as easily as possible.”

The four bills amend New York State law in the following ways:

• S1970 would facilitate the registration process by designating public libraries, local housing authorities and public high schools as participating polling sites that offer voter registration forms, renewal services, and change of address services.

• S1972 would allow for Election Day Voter Registration so new voters can register to vote up to the day of the election itself.

• S1974 would enact the Automatic Voter Registration Act, and provide for the automatic voter registration of persons at least 18 years old based on motor vehicle and tax records. This process would not automatically register voters with any particular party.

• S1978 would remove the requirement that voter registration be completed at least ten days before election day.

Senator Gianaris authored and introduced these bills while he was a member of the Assembly and re-introduced them in the Senate earlier this legislative session. He is a leading government reformer and advocate of good government initiatives to increase transparency in our election process.