Senator Gianaris Wants More Trees For Sunnyside And Woodside

Queens, NY – As part of Senator Michael Gianaris’ continued commitment to improving western Queens’ quality of life, he sent a letter to Mayor Bloomberg requesting the planting of trees along various avenues in Sunnyside and Woodside. Senator Gianaris is requesting trees be planted along Queens Boulevard, 48th Avenue, 47th Avenue and 43rd Avenues between 38th Street and 48th Street.

“New trees would beautify our neighborhood and help rid the air of dangerous pollutants, allowing our community to breathe a little easier,” stated Senator Gianaris. "I am hopeful the Mayor will move swiftly to give Sunnyside and Woodside the benefits that scores of new trees would provide."

Mayor Bloomberg’s initiative, PlaNYC, includes a plan to plant one million trees in parks and public spaces such as sidewalks and streets. The initiative started in 2007 as an effort to prepare New York City for one million more residents, strengthen New York City’s economy, combat climate change, and enhance New Yorkers’ quality of life. Senator Gianaris is calling on the mayor to consider the Sunnyside and Woodside streets as locations to receive trees as part of PlaNYC.

Increasing the number of trees in this area is one of the many initiatives Senator Gianaris has dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in western Queens. These trees would increase beautification and clean the air by reducing pollutants that trigger asthma attacks and exacerbate other respiratory diseases.