Statement from Senator Michael Gianaris and Council Member Jimmy van Bramer on Amazon Deal

LONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y. – Senator Michael Gianaris and City Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer issued the following statement on the proposed deal to incentivize Amazon’s HQ2 in Long Island City, New York.

“New Yorkers have real unmet needs from their government. Our subways are crumbling, our children lack school seats, and too many of our neighbors lack adequate health care. It is unfathomable that we would sign a $3 billion check to Amazon in the face of these challenges.

“We are witness to a cynical game in which Amazon duped New York into offering unprecedented amounts of tax dollars to one of the wealthiest companies on Earth for a promise of jobs that would represent less than 3% of the jobs typically created in our city over a 10 year period. 

“Too much is at stake to accept this without a fight. We will continue to stand up against what can only be described as a bad deal for New York and for Long Island City.”