Statement from Senator Michael Gianaris Regarding Amazon Hearing

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Senator Michael Gianaris issued the following statement about today’s protest at City Hall before the New York City Council’s first oversight hearing into the Amazon deal.

“Three billion dollars in taxpayer subsidies for a wealthy corporation like Amazon is offensive. I am working with my colleagues in government and allies in the community to oppose this deal, especially at a time when there are real needs across New York. Affordable housing is sorely lacking, the subway is in crisis, our schools are overcrowded and we haven’t summoned the political will to fund these critical priorities, yet our governments bend over backward to provide billions in benefits for the one corporation that needs it the least. New Yorkers expect more and we demand better. 

“That is why I authored legislation to prohibit the use of secrecy agreements like the one imposed on the state and city by Amazon. That is why I am taking on insider dealing in the real estate industry. The more we learn about this deal, the worse it gets, and I expect to come forward with even more proposals to prevent something like this from ever happening again.

“But as we work to improve our laws going forward, we must keep working to stop this deal in its tracks, and I rededicate myself to that cause today. The people must be heard, and their concerns must be respected. 

“I applaud the New York City Council for exercising its important oversight role in this matter. While the state and city have worked with Amazon to shut the public out of this process, the State Senate will work to empower the people who would have to live with this fiasco.”