Ranzenhofer Announces $56,000 Funding For Monroe County Libraries

State Senator Michael H. Ranzenhofer has announced $56,000 in state funding for five public libraries throughout Monroe County.  

“I am pleased to report that I have been able to obtain state funding for five libraries in Monroe County.  Whether it is educational programs or information, our public libraries provide important services to residents.  This funding will help to enhance those services, while ensuring our local libraries continue to be invaluable assets to our community,” said Ranzenhofer.

The total funding will be distributed among:
•    Arnett Branch Library, $10,000;
•    Chili Public Library, $11,000;
•    Frederick Douglass Community Library, $10,000;
•    Newman Riga Library; $10,000; and
•    Phillis Wheatley Community Library; $15,000.

Arnett Branch Library will use the funds for a young adult jobs readiness program.

“With Senator Ranzenhofer's continued support, we are able to do wonderful things.  Later this year, we are excited to continue our young adult jobs readiness program and to install a new AV system in our meeting room.  Senator Ranzenhofer has been a great friend to our library community," said Arnett Branch Supervisor Bruce Tehan.

Chili Public Library will use the funding to expand its reading area by centralizing public computers.

“The ability to centralize our library computers will create additional space in the reading area, and this renovation will further enhance our welcoming, responsive place where our patrons experience the joy of reading.  Senator Ranzenhofer’s continued support of the Chili Public Library is greatly appreciated,” said Chili Public Library Director Jeff Baker.

The funding will help Frederick Douglass Community Library offer more programming options.

“The Frederick Douglass Community Library is very proud to have received a generous grant from Senator Ranzenhofer. We plan to offer after school tutoring and early literacy programs for children, as well as financial programs for adult patrons. We're happy to be able to enhance our services with Senator Ranzenhofer’s continued assistance to our community," said Douglass Branch Site Supervisor Erin Clarke.

The funding will allow Newman Riga Library to purchase new materials for their children’s collection.

“These funds will help expand our collection of emergent reading and early literacy materials. We are eternally grateful to Senator Ranzenhofer for the opportunity to improve our services and to fulfill our vision of building a community of lifelong learners,” said Newman Riga Library Director Lynn Brown.

Phillis Wheatley Community Library will now be able to deliver books by bicycle next year.

“Phillis Wheatley Library is excited to extend our services further in the community with a new “Books by Bike” program.  Patrons will be able to look for us in the neighborhood and at festivals next year.  Senator Ranzenhofer's generous funding is also being used to provide much needed after school tutoring services and TASC (GED) classes," said Wheatley Branch Site Supervisor Lori Frankunas.

The funding is part of the 2016-17 State Budget.  The funding is administered by the New York State Education Department.