Senate approves Senator Venditto's bills to protect our children from sex offenders

Senator Michael Venditto (R-C-I, Massapequa) announced today that two bills he sponsored, S3925 and S6066A, passed the Senate on Wednesday.  S3925 enables local municipalities to enact laws that impose residency restrictions on sex offenders.  S6066A, which also allows local municipalities to impose residency restrictions, extends the period for level one sex offenders register as a sex offender from twenty to thirty years. 
Venditto said that the legislation for residency restrictions became necessary after the New York State Court of Appeals overturned all local laws relating to where a registered sex offender can live for the reason that such laws were too restrictive. These bills will allow local governments to place reasonable restrictions on where a sex offender is permitted to live and require them to register as a sex offender for thirty years.

“These bills are paramount to the protection of our children.  As a new father, I understand how important it is that we protect our children from those that would prey on them. These bills give our local governments additional tools that they need to protect our families and keep our communities safe.  More importantly, these bills help to give parents peace of mind because they increased registration requirements for sex offenders.  By working together we can make a real difference in our quality of life and public safety,” said Senator Venditto.

Bill S3925 passed the New York State Senate last year, however, it was held up in the New York State Assembly, while S6066A was introduced this year.  I, along with my Senate colleagues, urge the members of the Assembly to pass this bill.