Statement from Senator Mike Martucci

“This morning, I led a rally with my colleagues that brought forward the voices of childcare providers and anxious parents all calling for the reversal of the totally unscientific and punitive Cuomo mask mandate for children as young as two to five years old. Then, this afternoon on the floor of the Senate, I brought forward yet another amendment to fully repeal the Governor’s emergency powers – which are still causing massive damage to the public trust and unpredictability to our everyday lives – despite claims of repeal from my colleagues across the aisle. Because of our collective efforts, I am pleased to see that this evening, the Governor has wised up and lifted his latest, nonsensical edict on masking two- to five-year-olds in daycare centers and summer camps.

“Parents and children have been under tremendous stress for more than a year. We need a Governor who understands these concerns and proactively works to find solutions cooperatively, not one who governs by mandate and only reacts when there is a change in the political winds. Providers and parents should celebrate this victory, but there is more work to do to reign in this Governor and the majorities in the Legislature that abet his every action. Now is not the time to let up.”