New York State Senator Monica R. Martinez Introduces S.8624, Legislation Ensuring Full Transparency in Government

Monica R. Martinez

July 08, 2020

(PATCHOGUE, NY) Late last month, New York State Senator Monica R.  Martinez introduced bill S.8624, legislation that would make ethical and disciplinary proceedings available to the public for elected officials, candidates for election, Commissioners or Heads of State agencies, and heads of nonprofits who receive state funding. 

“I firmly believe any law to increase transparency should universally and unequivocally be applied across the state of New York. We take an oath of office to serve the public, provide for the safety and well-being of our residents, communities and a duty to build and foster trust in government.  In a time where we have faced the “Me Too” movement and secret non-disclosure agreements, New York should lead by example. There should never be any appearance of impropriety for anyone who serves the public,” said Senator Martinez.