Senator Monica R. Martinez Reviews Major Wins for Suffolk County in the Finalized Budget

(Albany, NY)  On April 1, 2019, Senator Monica R. Martinez, in partnership with her colleagues in the State Legislature, voted to pass the FY 2020 budget for New York State that included funding for the enactment of a Permanent Property Tax Cap,and addressing both the water quality and Long Island Rail Road concerns in the Third Senatorial District.

Permanent Tax Cap:

Property owners in New York, and more specifically on Long Island, are burdened by some of the highest taxes in the nation. Senator Martinez was proud to support making the 2% property tax cap permanent in the budget, and is committed to limiting further tax increases to ensure that all residents can afford to remain in New York. She will continue to work to institute policies that will combat the “brain-drain” on Long Island by recruiting and retaining the next generation of innovators.

As a former teacher and administrator, Senator Martinez is also acutely aware of the ever-increasing needs of Suffolk County’s schools, and the Senator’s commitment to finding more ways to combat the high cost of living on Long Island without placing the burden entirely on our school districts remains just as strong.

Clean Water:

Building on the State’s historic $2.5 billion investment in clean water infrastructure proposed in the Executive Budget, the Legislature included an additional $500 million investment in the final FY 2020 Budget. Senator Martinez remains steadfastly dedicated to addressing water quality concerns on Long Island, specifically in the Third District.

Funding Increases for Long Island Railroad:

For far too long, mass transit options in Long Island have been underfunded, leaving individuals with no choice but to drive to New York City.  The congestion pricing plan within the budget ensures that there will be a dedicated revenue stream for Long Island’s transportation infrastructure projects. If the people of Long Island are shouldering the costs of the repairs to the MTA, they are entitled to reliable service and improved conditions. In an effort to proactively address this issue further, earlier this month, Senator Martinez authored a letter to the President of the MTA asking to delay the proposed fare hike until the MTA hears from the public.

Under the congestion pricing program, Long Island will receive ten percent of all revenue generated, in addition to the funding the LIRR already receives. These new funds will allow for necessary capital improvements to train stations, additional passenger cars, repairs to prevent the breakdown of overused trains, and to upgrade train stations to meet ADA standards so that this mode of transportation is an accessible option for all commuters.

Funding Increases for Suffolk County Buses:

Increased funding for Suffolk County Buses by over seven percent have been included in the finalized budget. This increase will ensure that there are no further cuts to this essential mass transit option that thousands rely on everyday.