The Senate Democratic Conference Held a Roundtable Discussion on Economic Issues Facing New York State Women

Neil D. Breslin

May 16, 2012

A call for Legislative Action to Confront Inequity in the Workforce

( Albany, NY) Senator Neil D. Breslin (D – Delmar) reported that the Democratic Conference this week held a roundtable discussion on the inequity women face in the work force. Experts and advocates participated in the roundtable discussion on legislation that would strengthen our state’s economy and promote workplace fairness.

Despite federal and state laws banning discrimination in employment and pay, it is clear that there are still wage differentials amongst employees within the same jobs or in jobs that require the same skills, responsibility, and working conditions.

“As our state continues its fiscal recovery we must do everything within our power to strengthen our economy and put New Yorkers back to work,” Senator Breslin said. “That is why our conference is committed to passing legislation to ensure New York women have equal opportunities to contribute in the state workforce.”

Senate Bill S.2200, also referred to as the “New York State Fair Pay Act,” was one of the bills discussed at the roundtable. This legislation prohibits the employers from discriminating against the employees on the basis of sex , race, and/national origin. Other bills sponsored by members of the Democratic Conference are designed to ensure equal rights and encourage more women to enter the workplace.

This week’s discussion was part of the Democratic Conference’s ongoing efforts to highlight the obstacles that New York State women endure. The Conference will host two additional forums on legislation concerning women’s health and combating domestic violence; all of which have not yet been allowed onto the Senate floor for a vote.