Senator Breslin Fights For Legislation Which Would Provide Increased Aid And Opportunities To New Yorkers

Neil D. Breslin

March 28, 2013

(Albany, NY) Senator Breslin joined with members of the Senate Democratic Conference to bring legislation to the Senate floor which would have amended the State Budget to grow the state economy and help put New Yorkers back to work. All of these legislative measures were voted down by the Senate Republican/IDC Coalition.

 “The State Budget that was passed through the Senate could have done more to help middle and working class New Yorkers and the small businesses that drive our state’s economic engine, Senator Breslin said. “The legislation my colleagues and I brought to the Senator floor would have put more money in New Yorkers’ pockets and stimulated economic growth. Unfortunately, the Senators in the Majority Coalition put politics over serving their constituents.”

 Senator Breslin supported multiple pieces of legislation that would have provided a real increase in the minimum wage for over 1.1 million hard-working New Yorkers; increased aid to local governments and school districts; and lowered taxes and fees. These bills were advanced by members of the Senate Democratic Conference to help speed and strengthen the state’s economic recovery.

 “I was proud to support legislation that would help ease the tax burden on hard-working New Yorkers, increase aid to our schools and municipalities and provide a real increase in the state’s minimum wage. Despite the Senate Republican Coalition votes to block these good bills, I will continue to fight for common sense reforms to stimulate the economy and put New Yorkers back to work,” Senator Breslin concluded.