Senator Breslin Sponsored Bills to Benefit our Community Pass the Senate

Neil D. Breslin

May 11, 2012

(Albany, NY) Senator Neil D. Breslin (D – Delmar) reported that three bills he prime sponsored to benefit our local community all passed the Senate this week. The first, S.1642, will help to finance the construction of certain facilities for the St. Andrew's Foundation, the Scottish Society of Hudson's Valley, Ltd. The St. Andrew's Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organization formed to promote an appreciation of Scottish history, heritage and traditions, including Scottish influence on the settlement and evolution of America.

The organization is trying to create a permanent venue for one of the earliest Scottish Games in the United States, the Capital District Games, and is in the process of creating a National Scottish Cultural Center, Scottish Cultural Museum, National School of Piping and Dance, and Highland Games Fields in the Town of Bethlehem. “This legislation will significantly enhance the organization's ability to achieve its goals, and will enrich the cultural landscape of the Hudson Valley,” explained Senator Breslin.

S. 6450, also sponsored by Senator Breslin, will help enable the Guilderland Public library to expand and renovate the library and add additional space for their children and teens. “They would also like to add a Local History Center that will allow their residents to research local and family history as well as providing additional space for their very successful and well attended public programs,” stated Senator Breslin.

Lastly, S. 6864, allows courts within Albany County to designate the Albany County Correctional Facility as a holding cell for people awaiting arraignment following an arrest in any court. “Currently, when anyone is arrested and requires detainment in a municipality with no holding cell, the person cannot be jailed until he or she is arraigned,’ explained Breslin.

Many jurisdictions across the State have holding cells located in their police stations where people under arrest can be held until a judge is available for an arraignment. However, police stations in some municipalities are not equipped with holding cells that would enable police to detain people under arrest until arraignment.

“Because these municipalities do not have their own holding cells, police must staff the police station and secure people under arrest until a judge can be called to conduct the arraignment,” said Breslin. “This bill would enable municipalities within Albany County to use the Albany County Correctional Facility as its holding cell.”