Senator Breslin Stands Together with Domestic Violence Survivors

Neil D. Breslin

June 18, 2010

For Immediate Release: June18, 2010
Contact: Kelly Conboy││518.455.2225

(Albany, NY)- Senator Breslin (D-Delmar) is pleased to announce passage of an extensive 12-point legislative package that will significantly enhance the safety of domestic violence survivors. The package will also improve state services and strengthen penalties against those who inflict pain and suffering upon their partners.

In New York State, domestic violence has become an epidemic. Each year, approximately 400,000 domestic incidents are reported to police departments. Moreover, 20-percent of total assaults outside New York City in 2008 were committed by “intimate partners.”

Senator Breslin said, “The bills in this package are intended to provide a sense of security and support for survivors of domestic violence by allowing them to preserve their identity and escape their abuser. Confidentiality is key and I am proud that we are now able to provide this much needed assistance.”

Legislation in this package include:
·    Election reform presenting a survivor’s identity from being found through a FOIL request
·    Creation of an address confidentiality program
·    Prohibition of housing and employment discrimination based on violence suffered
·    Increased penalties for witness tampering and repeat orders of protection violators

The senator added, “We cannot continue to allow instances of domestic violence to increase year after year. This legislative package is a significant step in the right direction.”