Arbor Day Recognition Project at Bayard Cutting Arboretum

Owen H. Johnson

April 24, 2012

Senator Owen H. Johnson applauded over 100 volunteers who donated their time and effort at an Arbor Day Recognition Project to care for the trees on the grounds of the Bayard Cutting Arboretum at Great River on March 24, 2012. Members of the Long Island Arboricultural Association, Inc. (LIAA) spent the day removing dead and diseased trees and branches, and pruning healthy trees at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum as part of their ongoing effort to care for and preserve Long Island’s trees and shrubs. A ceremonial tree planting was part of the day's events. 

The Bayard Cutting Arboretum was donated to Long Island State Park Region in memory of William Bayard Cutting by his wife and daughter to provide an oasis of beauty and quiet and to bring a greater appreciation and understanding of the value and importance of informal planting. The site was originally wooded and many of the large oaks now seen were retained during the clearing of the land. The current collection of fir, spruce, pine, cypress, hemlock, yew and other lesser known conifers is still probably the most extensive to be found on Long Island. 

LIAA efforts have helped to improve Long Islanders’ environment and save the federal government, New York State Parks, and Nassau and Suffolk Counties a significant amount of funds in donated tree work. 

LIAA is a non-profit organization dedicated to education for the appreciation and care of shade trees and shrubs on Long Island. In addition, they strive to stimulate interest in tree planting and preservation, to encourage research towards appropriate protection of trees and shrubs and to encourage the practices of efficient and proper tree care methods. 

Arborists practice arboriculture, which is the care of trees including pruning, removal, insect and disease control, cabling, fertilizing, and planting. Highly-trained arborists are much like doctors in that they are able to diagnose insect and disease problems related to trees. 

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Photograph from left to right: Erik Pauze, LIAA Treasurer; Jackson Dodds, LIAA Director; Jim Dublar, LIAA Director; Senator Lee M. Zeldin, NY Senator, 3rd Senate District; Phil Boyle, NY Assemblyman, 8th Assembly District; Michael Gaines, LIAA Director; Eric Pomisel, LIAA Director; Adriana Jacykewycz, LIAA Director; Barbara Shadler, President, Bayard Cutting Arboretum Board of Trustees; Deborah Green, LIAA Past President; Owen H. Johnson, NY Senator, 4th Senate District; Jean Dodds, LIAA President; Carol Saporito, Bissett Nursery Corp.; Rich Nelson, LIAA Director; and Alexis Alvey, LIAA Director.