Audible Crosswalk Installation in West Babylon

Owen H. Johnson

May 04, 2012

Senator Owen H. Johnson joined AMVETS, Suffolk County Independent Living Organization (SILO) members, local officials and advocates for the disabled on March 23, 2012 to celebrate the installation of an audible crosswalk at the intersection of Route 109 and Great East Neck Road in West Babylon.  The audible crosswalk, giving an audible cue when it's safe to cross the intersection, is invaluable to the visually impaired in the West Babylon community.  It also makes a safer crossing for the physically challenged as well as senior citizens and moms with children in tow.

Photograph, left to right:  Patrick Mitchell, Commander, Sons of AMVETS Post 48; Cheryl Echevarria, Central Islip Lions Club, with Guide Dog Maxx; Harold and Judy Wieber; Marilyn Tucci, SILO Representative with Service Dog Ana; Corrine DiSomma, Town of Babylon Receiver of Taxes; Frank Krotschinsky, Suffolk County Director of Handicapped Services; and Owen H. Johnson, NY State Senator.