Babylon Village's New Farmer's Market Opens

Owen H. Johnson

July 25, 2012

Senator Owen H. Johnson met with Farmer’s Market Organizers on Sunday, July 1st marking the first day of Babylon Village’s own weekly Farmer’s Market located in the parking lot directly north of the Long Island Railroad Station.  The market will run every Sunday from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm through October. 

A wide variety of items will be available for purchase, including fresh produce, milk, cheeses, pickles, baked goods, homemade soups, spices, granola, and jams and jellies.  Local craft beer vendors will also be on hand.

Local vendors participating include Nut-free Baker, Saturday Soaps, David Delights, Blind Bat Brewery, Goodale Farms, Blossom Farms, Sunshine Farms, Laurie Granola, Thera Farms, Horman’s Pickles, Bambino Pasta, Bobby Tomatoes, Sannino Bella Vita Vineyard, The Burning Chef and High River Sauces.

Photograph from left to right:  Brian and JoAnn Donnelly, with children (front row) Kian and Kai Donnelly; Lona Graepel; Babylon Mayor Ralph Scordino; Senator Owen H. Johnson; and Stanis Beck.