Eileen M. Grubert and Alex “Buddy” Gillespie Honored at Deer Park Fire District Surprise Celebration

Owen H. Johnson

February 28, 2012

Senator Owen H. Johnson joined with members of the Deer Park Fire District at a surprise retirement celebration for both Eileen Grubert, District Secretary and Manager, and Alex “Buddy” Gillespie, District Treasurer.  Both have dedicated 35 years to the Deer Park Fire District and were presented with Citations by Senator Johnson for their profound dedication.

Eileen Grubert, as District Secretary and Manager, has been an integral part of managing the day to day operations of the Deer Park Fire District allowing the fire fighters to concentrate on their task of protecting the Deer Park residents from fire.

Alex Gillespie, otherwise affectionately known as “Buddy”, has kept the Deer Park Fire District financially sound and managed the fire district’s funds and accounts as District Treasurer. 

The celebration took place on February 4, 2012 at the Deer Park Fire Department Headquarters, 94 Lake Avenue in Deer Park.
Photograph left to right: 
Back row:  Anthony Macaluso, Commissioner; Larry Bradbury, Assistant Chief; Mike Carucci; Joseph Sheehan; Colleen Keefe; Lynn Costa; Morty Sickles, Ex-Chief; Barbra Bender; José Giraldo; Marybeth Grubert; Peter Granelle, Commisioner; Andrew Duguid, Commissioner; Phil Maniaci; Kelli Ann Incandela; John Giammarino, Assistant Chief; Anthony Biolsi, Assistant Chief; Oliver Dorsey, Ex-Chief ; and Ron Grubert.
Front row:  Eileen M. Grubert; Owen H. Johnson, NY State Senator; and Alex J. Gillespie.