John Pickett and Michael Brown honored at The Second Annual National Kidney Registry Gala.

Owen H. Johnson

November 24, 2010

Senator Owen H. Johnson was pleased to join friends of the National Kidney Registry in honoring John Pickett and Michael Brown at The Second Annual National Kidney Registry Gala.  The two highly valued employees of the Atlantic Automotive Group were honored for their commendable involvement in many local charitable organizations.  The event, which took place at the La Grange Inn on November 17, 2010, raised critically important funds for The National Kidney Registry.

“Tonight’s honorees, John Pickett and Michael Brown, are superb examples of caring individuals who have donated countless hours of their time, money and talents to many charitable groups including the National Kidney Registry,” Senator Johnson said.  “Today, with our stalled economy, it has never been more important for Long Island residents to step up and dig a little deeper into our pockets to donate to our local charities who are struggling to provide services to individuals and families in crisis.”

Left to right:  Garet Hill, Founder and President of the National Kidney Registry; Jackie Brucia, Comptroller, Altanic Automotive Group; Honoree John Pickett, Chief Operating Officer,  Atlantic Automotive Group; Senator Owen H. Johnson; and Honoree Michael D. Brown, Vice President of Operations, Atlantic Automotive Group.