Johnson Honored By The Long Island Fishing Community

Owen H. Johnson

April 27, 2007

State Senator Owen H. Johnson (4th Senate District, Babylon), Chairman of the Finance Committee and Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Long Island Marine District recently accepted a plaque from the Long Island Fishing Community in recognition of his many years of service to New York’s recreational fisherman.

Senator Johnson is a Commissioner of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and serves as a member of the New York/Connecticut Bi-State Long Island Sound Committee as well as the New York/New Jersey Clean Ocean and Shore Trust (COAST) -- both committees which he created to coordinate marine policies with adjoining states. The Senator has long been involved in efforts to ensure the health and viability of the fish that populate our marine waters.

Presenting Senator Johnson with the plaque areWillie Young, President of the Montauk Surfcaster’s Association (left) and Captain Stuart Patterson of Northport Charter Boat Captains (right).

Missing from the photo are Fred Golofaro Senior Editor of The Fisherman; Chuck Hollins, President of the Long Island Beach Buggy Association; and John Mantione, President of the N.Y Fishing Tackle and Trade Association.