Johnson Welcomes "Senators For A Day" To Albany

Owen H. Johnson

June 15, 2006

State Capitol, Albany, New York, June 15, 2006 -- State Senator Owen H. Johnson (4th Senate District, Babylon), Chairman of the Finance Committee, recently hosted a group of high school students from the Fourth Senate District in Albany who were chosen by their schools to be "Senators-For-A-Day." Johnson has hosted the biennial program, which gives students a chance to witness the legislative process firsthand and experience the state government at a higher level, for over two decades.

During the day, students viewed Senate Session in progress, met with Senator Johnson, Governor Pataki and Senate Majority Leader Senator Bruno, took a tour of the State Capitol and attended a special luncheon.

"I am so pleased to know that there are young people who are interested in our state’s government. It is wonderful to see students get excited when they come to the State Capitol for the first time and get a glimpse into what it is we do on a daily basis," said Senator Johnson.