"Parades remind us of what is best about our country" - The Beacon (6/3/10)

Owen H. Johnson

June 17, 2010

Prior to the September 11 terrorist attacks on our country, many of the parades down our main streets were thin in terms of marchers and thinner yet in terms of spectators standing at the sidelines and cheering the marchers on. Since then, however, Americans have regained an appreciation for the men and women who have served and even died for their country, and for the right to freedom home and abroad. Words can never express the gratitude we owe these patriots and while parades are a token, they represent in a tangible way the appreciation that fills our hearts for the benefits we enjoy as a result of those who made such sacrifices.

That’s why we were so pleased to see the enthusiasm that went into our parades and ceremonies this Memorial Day. The streets in every town were filled with people applauding, waving flags and cheering the marchers on. The parades were wonderful, filled with contingencies from every group within the community including many of our young people. People were from every walk of life, of every age and of every religion.

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