Senator Johnson Serves as Guest Reader at Santapogue Elementary

Owen H. Johnson

March 05, 2009

State Senator Owen H. Johnson (4th Senate District, Babylon) recently paid a visit to the Santapogue Elementary School in West Babylon where he participated in the school’s Annual Reading Marathon.  During the school’s reading marathon, members of the community come to the school and volunteer as guest readers.  In addition to reading to the students, guest readers often take some time to explain their vocations to the students, thereby exposing them to the myriad diverse career opportunities they will have to choose from when they grow older.

“I think that the reading marathon that Santapogue Elementary School offers their students is exactly the type of program that we should support and encourage,” said Senator Johnson.  “I know that I enjoy participating in this program because it helps foster a love of reading in children at a young age.  Additionally, I always enjoy explaining what I do as a State Senator.  It’s a vocation that I continue to find fulfilling each day, and explaining my job gives me the chance to impress upon students the importance of choosing careers that they will find rewarding.”

Senator Johnson is pictured reading to a group of students in Mrs. Kelsky’s 4th grade class.