Sen. Helming: $150,000 in Budget for Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester

GENEVA – Senator Pam Helming today announced that she has successfully secured $150,000 in the state budget for the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester (BCCR). Despite the Governor’s and the Democratic Majorities’ elimination of this funding in their original budgets, Senator Helming was able to work with BCCR to ensure that local women and their families continue to get the help and support they need when battling breast cancer. This critical funding will assist BCCR with its continued outreach and support services to those impacted by breast cancer across the region.

“Although the Governor and the Democratic Majority leaders in both houses zeroed out funding for the BCCR, we were able to claw it back in the final budget. The Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester continues to expand its outreach and services to more survivors and more rural communities, where access to critical information and services is often lacking. I am proud to have worked with the BCCR team, Senator Ortt, Senator Ranzenhofer, Senator Gallivan, Senator Funke, and Senator Robach over the last six months to secure this vital funding. Thanks to our collaborative efforts, we were able to successfully fight to get this funding included in the final budget,” Senator Helming said.

The Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester is an independent, grassroots organization dedicated to providing educational and support services to survivors living in the Greater Rochester and Finger Lakes regions of Central and Western New York. BCCR provides critical support to those affected by a breast or gynecologic cancer diagnosis, makes access to information and care a priority through education and advocacy, and empowers women and men to participate fully in decisions relating to their cancer diagnosis.

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