Senator Helming and Colleagues Host Repeal Bail Reform Rally

ALBANY— Senator Pam Helming participated in a rally with her Senate and Assembly Republican colleagues, law enforcement officials and district attorneys across the state this week calling for a repeal of recently enacted bail reform laws.  

“Anyone who has watched the news, read a paper, or listened to the radio in the last few weeks has seen firsthand the impact these new laws have had on our local communities. There are now countless examples of offenders committing crimes, getting handed appearance tickets, and within hours they are back on the streets committing more crimes. Shockingly, some of these offenders have even returned to the scenes of their first crimes to go for a second bite at the apple. Clearly, bail reform is failing. I voted against these measures when they were hastily pushed forward and I will continue to advocate against them until they are repealed,” Senator Helming said.