Senator Helming Honors Wayne County Veterans During Williamson Event

Pamela Helming

December 07, 2018

Senator Pam Helming stands with the veterans from Wayne County who were recognized for their nomination to the New York State Senate Veterans Hall of Fame during a ceremony at Williamson American Legion Post 394.

WILLIAMSON – Senator Pam Helming recognized 35 veterans who live in Wayne County during a veterans recognition ceremony at Williamson American Legion Post 394 on Thursday, November 29. The veterans were nominated by family, friends, and community members for the New York State Senate Veterans Hall of Fame, and they were among a total of 120 nominations Senator Helming received for this prestigious award across the six counties that she represents.

The Wayne County veterans honored at this event included Staff Sgt. Karel Ambroz, of Walworth; Pfc. Russell D. Bailey, of North Rose; Col. Earl Buchanan, of Lyons; Sgt. David Christler, of Newark; Quartermaster 2nd Class Thomas E. Frey, of Palmyra; Chief Warrant Officer 5 Robert L. Fritz, of Macedon; Sgt. Harry Gajan, of Arcadia; Cpl. Steve Gallaher, of Walworth; Cpl. Gerald Ghidiu, of Newark; Staff Sgt. Douglas J. Graham, of Ontario; Sgt. Mark Haskins, of Marion; Cpl. Robert J. Healy, of Newark; Staff Sgt. Owen W. Hughes, of Newark; Machinist’s Mate Senior Chief David Hurlburt, of Ontario; Airman 1st Class Marvin L. Jay, of Butler; Machinist’s Mate 1st Class Nelson A. Kiedrowski, of Ontario; Maj. Marc E. Kreuser, of Newark; Seaman Jerry Lamb, of Ontario; Technician 5th Grade Ralph E. Langdon, of Galen; Cpl. Robert McCarthy, of Palmyra; Spc. 4th Class Wayne E. Morgan Jr., of Ontario; Staff Sgt. Richard L. O’Connor, of Marion; Sgt. Thomas A. Pridell, of Macedon; Sgt. James F. Quinn Jr., of Sodus Point; Cpl. Leon Rasbeck, of Wolcott; Cpl. Thomas Romano, of Clyde; Sgt. Robert Schinsing, of Newark; Sgt. 1st Class Jerry Slater, of Sodus; Disbursing Clerk 3rd Class James F. Smith, of Ontario; Staff Sgt. Gilbert Sterk, of Palmyra; Sgt. Clinton R. Stevens, of Savannah; Sgt. Abraham T. Tack, of Sodus; Sgt. George J. Walker, of Galen; Chief Warrant Officer 4 Michael R. Wangler, of Williamson; and Sgt. Clifford Wiley, of Macedon.

“Among our nominees, some of them served during World War II, others in Korea or Vietnam, others in more recent conflicts, and still others served during peacetime on home or foreign soils. They represent the five branches of the U.S. military – the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard – and they are male and female veterans. What they all have in common is that at one point, they signed a contract, committing themselves to our country and saying they would lay down their lives to protect freedoms. And for that, we are all eternally grateful. It was a privilege to recognize our veterans and extend to them our heartfelt appreciation and deep gratitude for their bravery, personal courage, and selfless service to our great nation, the United States of America. Thank you to Canandaigua American Legion Post 256 for hosting us, and thank you to the Canandaigua Academy Chorus for your patriotic musical performance,” Senator Helming said.