Senator Helming Says Keep the Middle Class Tax Cut

Senator Helming is urging her colleagues in the Legislature to reject the proposal in the Governor’s budget that would delay middle class tax cuts set to take effect this year. These tax cuts were enacted with strong bipartisan support several years ago. Senator Helming is also inviting constituents to sign a petition on her website to preserve this critical tax relief. 

"These middle class income tax cuts have already been approved and promised to New Yorkers,” said Senator Helming. "It is irresponsible and wrong to take away this much needed relief when so many hardworking families and small businesses are struggling."

The Governor’s 2021-22 budget proposal would delay for one year a planned tax cut for the middle class totaling $400 million. 

"We need to protect taxpayers, who are already overtaxed and overburdened. Rescinding these middle class tax cuts does nothing to help local families and small business owners dealing with the economic impacts of the pandemic. New Yorkers deserve what’s been promised to them. The state must keep its word and keep the planned middle class tax cuts in place."

Senator Helming’s petition is HERE.