Senator Helming Secures Grant to Bring Tall Cop Says Stop to Waterloo CSD

From left to right: Seneca Falls Central School District Superintendent Robert McKeveny, Generations Bank representative Katie McIntyre, Officer Jermaine Galloway, Senator Pam Helming, Generations Bank represenative Robert Kernan, and Seneca Falls Board of Education President Joseph McNamara, following the Tall Cop Says Stop presentation in Seneca Falls in September 2017.

GENEVA – Senator Pam Helming today announced that she has secured $10,000 in aid to bring the Tall Cop Says Stop anti-drug and alcohol presentation to the Waterloo Central School District this fall. The program is scheduled to take place from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Monday, October 1 at Waterloo High School, located at 96 Stark St. in Waterloo. Generations Bank has also provided funding for the program. In his presentation, Idaho-based law enforcement officer Jermaine Galloway aims to use a mix of education, prevention, and enforcement information to address underage drinking and drug problems. He empowers school administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and community members to detect these problems and fight them within their own communities.

“Last year, I had the opportunity to see firsthand Officer Galloway’s Tall Cop Says Stop presentation during the High in Plain Sight Substance Abuse Awareness & Prevention event organized by the Seneca Falls Central School District. Officer Galloway’s presentation was interesting and engaging as well as informative and effective. He helped those who were present not only see the signs of drug and alcohol abuse in the schools and within the community but also learn how they can do something about it and work toward a solution together. Officer Galloway did an outstanding job with his program, and the community is better for his work in Seneca Falls. When Waterloo Central School District Superintendent Terri Bavis approached me with the desire to bring Tall Cop Says Stop to her district, I was immediately supportive of the proposal and wanted to make sure it would happen in Waterloo. As State Senator, I am happy to lend my support to this worthy endeavor, and I am glad to be able to provide funding for it,” Senator Helming said.

Waterloo Central School District Superintendent Terri Bavis said, “We are grateful to Senator Helming and Generations Bank for their generous support, which will allow us to bring Jermaine Galloway to Waterloo for his engaging and informative presentation, ‘Tall Cop Says Stop.’ The Waterloo Central School District Board of Education and school community are hopeful that programs such as this will bring families and our community members important information to combat the drug and alcohol issues prevalent in our society.

Generations Bank President and CEO Menzo Case said, “This is our second year of supporting the Tall Cop program in the Finger Lakes.  It is a vital asset in the effort to curb teenage substance abuse, and we are proud to be doing our part.”

According to the Tall Cop Says Stop website, Officer Galloway has seen the ever-evolving drug culture trends that sweep across the United States throughout his 20-plus-year career in law enforcement. It can be hard for people to keep up with the trends if they do not understand the culture, so Officer Galloway helps them know what is going on around the community. He also realizes that communities struggle with underage drinking and drug issues. Officer Galloway seeks to equip people with the tools and resources to get out and do something to fix the problem.

The Tall Copy Says Stop program has received rave reviews from school district representatives and law enforcement officers as well as parents, students, and the public. The dynamic presentation leaves lasting impact on the attendees, and it often leads to a call for action. Officer Galloway hopes to bring school district staff and law enforcement staff together with parents and the public to work toward reducing and eliminating drug and alcohol abuse in the community.