Senator Helming Statement on Governor Cuomo’s State of the State Address

"The Governor recognized the need to reopen New York’s economy, as this must be our focus – reopening businesses and getting people back to work. But we must avoid solutions that benefit the government at the expense of local businesses and taxpayers. For example, the Governor’s proposal on state-sponsored mobile sports betting is short on details and I want to see how this will impact the thousands of workers at the gaming facilities in my district.

"I appreciate that the Governor mentioned two issues in particular that are important to my constituents and our rural communities, and that I have long advocated for: expanding COVID-19 testing and expanding broadband access. I hope the Governor’s commitment today means that our area will get the rapid testing sites we need, and that the Legislature will act on my bill to repeal the cost-prohibitive fee for broadband installers that was enacted in last year’s state budget.

"Unfortunately, there was no mention of the state’s need to tighten its own belt and control spending. For too long, the state has relied on others to solve the government’s fundamental spending problem. We must not burden businesses or taxpayers with more cost and regulation."