Senator Helming Statement on Governor's State of the State Address

Pamela Helming

January 10, 2023

Based upon early feedback, I'm not convinced the Governor's speech provided our upstate working class families and small business owners with much hope for meaningful relief.

My constituents continue to make it clear. They want a safer and more affordable New York. Too many are feeling overburdened - by the cost of living, by the cost of doing business, and by the everyday challenges of being a taxpayer in New York State.

While I am pleased the Governor acknowledged these issues as top priorities, her next steps will show what are the most important. She must make good on her commitment to find common ground and fix the state's problems. It is my hope the Governor will reach across the political aisle and invite everyone to the table. I know if asked, I am ready to do the hard work.

In the meantime, I am happy our pleas for more mental health resources for adults and children are being heard. Now, we need to make sure our rural communities and smaller counties receive their fair share of these designated resources. In addition, it is not only access to mental health care; people living in our rural areas must have timely access to health care services of all types - including ambulance and EMS services.

During this legislative session, we must take decisive action that helps taxpayers and working families, our seniors, farmers, and small businesses. Not action that further balloons state spending, forces unfunded mandates on local governments, and pushes through unreasonable regulations. Again, I believe we can find common ground on many of these issues if everyone is invited to the table. I'll keep fighting.