Senator Helming Statement on Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Governor

“I want to thank these two women for having the courage to speak out. All women must be taken seriously and their voices must be heard. Sexual harassment anywhere, by anyone, must not be tolerated. 

There must be a full and independent investigation into these disturbing allegations, as I called for on February 24. And not by someone handpicked by the Governor or his legal counsel, or chosen by a judge appointed by the Governor.

As I have said, I believe this investigation can be done thoroughly and impartially by Attorney General James or a special prosecutor of her choosing. I commend AG James for stating today that she is ready to oversee that investigation and make any necessary appointments. She should be granted all authority to begin that investigation immediately.”

On February 24, after the first allegation was reported, Senator Helming and Senators Daphne Jordan, Patty Ritchie, Sue Serino and Alexis Weik sent a letter to Attorney General Letitia James requesting a formal investigation.  That letter is attached above.