A Statement from Senator Helming on the Governor’s State of the State Address

Pamela Helming

January 09, 2020

“Today the Governor had the opportunity to build hope for New Yorkers by fixing what's destroying our state: high taxes, crushing regulations and a broken criminal justice system. Instead, he took this as an opportunity to point fingers. He is making it a priority to ban repeat sex offenders from public transportation, but offered no solution to fix his broken bail reforms that are putting rapists and murderers back on the streets. I agree with the Governor that the middle class is the “backbone” of our state, but unfortunately, his policies are making them U-Haul’s best customers. New York City leaders treat upstate taxpayers like an unlimited ATM and this has to change if we are going to turn New York around and stop the exodus of people, jobs and opportunity to other states,” said Senator Pam Helming.