A Statement from Senator Pam Helming On Her Bill Banning the Sale of Kratom to Minors

“Last year, my legislation banning the sale of Kratom to minors passed the Senate unanimously. However, it did not move in the Assembly, so the process starts over again. It needs to pass both houses of the Legislature and then would go to the Governor for his signature. Now that the previous Assembly sponsor, Joe Morelle, has moved onto the House of Representatives, I am working to secure a new Assembly sponsor. This is a common sense, bipartisan bill that is designed to protect our young people and communities. It is important that we regulate and control Kratom's sale to minors until we know more about its possible benefits and risks. This bipartisan legislation shows that we take the addiction crisis seriously. I want to thank my Senate colleagues on both sides of the aisle for passing this legislation last year, and I am hopeful the Assembly will join us in passing it again ​this year.”  ​​