Gallivan: “Governor’s Budget is a Strong Start"

Patrick M. Gallivan

January 18, 2012

“Today’s budget announcement is a strong starting point from which to build upon last year’s accomplishments. The Governor’s proposal is a largely responsible plan that balances the budget through cuts in spending and consolidation of redundant government functions, while holding the line on taxes for individuals and businesses.

I was pleased to see the Governor recognize the unsustainable burden that Medicaid places on county governments and property tax payers, but it is my belief that Medicaid reform and mandate relief must go further and must come faster. Given the historic property tax cap, local governments and property tax payers need immediate relief and reductions of state imposed burdens.

Last year’s successes were made possible because of the cooperation and collegiality that began during the budget process. It is important to remember the Governor’s executive proposal is just the beginning of the budget discussion, and much work remains to be done. As this session moves forward I will continue to advocate for the priorities of Western New York; mandate relief, sustainable economic development, equitable funding for distressed schools, and institutional support for Upstate’s critical agriculture industry.

I have every reason to believe the Governor will be a responsive partner during this process, and I look forward to again passing an on-time, fiscally responsible budget that respects New York State’s taxpayers."