Gallivan: “Old Route 219 Bridge Will Open To Traffic Friday, March 23"

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R,C,I - 59th District) announced today that the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) has informed him that to the Old 219 Bridge (South Cascade – Miller Road) spanning the Cattaraugus Creek between the Towns of Concord and Ashford will re-open to traffic this Friday, March 23rd. The bridge has been closed to traffic since a faulty bearing was discovered during an inspection on January 5th.

“Safely restoring traffic to the Old 219 Bridge as quickly as possible has been one of my top priorities since its abrupt closure,” said Gallivan. “Working with community leaders, local businesses, and area residents; we were able to apply constant pressure on state government and the Department of Transportation to fix the bridge as soon as possible and return traffic to Springville’s central business district. Today I am pleased to report that the persistence has paid off and the bridge will be re-opened Friday, March 23 -- ahead of schedule.”

Some rehabilitation work remains to be done but can be conducted after traffic resumes, including; repair of the steel truss, bridge railing, bridge joints, repair/replacement of concrete bridge fascia, repair of concrete abutments and the painting of the entire steel structure. Bids for the bridge rehabilitation project are scheduled to opened on March 22, with the bid being awarded in early May.

“The businesses and residents of Springville have stood strong as a united community throughout this understandably frustrating process. Without their determination and perseverance, I don’t think we would have seen the bridge re-open as soon as we have, or ahead of schedule;” said Gallivan, “the community deserves all the credit.”

Following the initial closing of the bridge, Gallivan successfully pressured the NYSDOT to erect signs along NY Route 219 to inform motorists that Springville’s central business district was still open and accessible.

The Old 219 Bridge will be open to both northbound and southbound traffic on two lanes. Its tonnage limit will remain at 20 tons, the same limit set before its closure in January.