Gallivan Announces Funding Restorations to Developmentally Disabled Support Programs

ALBANY – Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-C-I, 59th District) announced that the New York State Senate reached an agreement today with the State Assembly and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to restore $90 million in cuts to not-for-profit support services and programs for the state’s developmentally disabled.

During this year’s budget process, Senator Gallivan and the State Senate were successfully able to restore a substantial portion of the initially proposed cuts, but significant reductions remained that threatened the welfare and stability of many individuals and families.

“If government has one central purpose, it is to protect and defend those who are unable to do so themselves. I am proud of the restorations we were able to secure during budget negotiations, but it was abundantly clear that more needed to be done,” said Senator Gallivan. “Today’s announcement means that no New Yorker with a developmental disability or a family struggling to meet the needs of a developmental disabled child will go without the vital care and support they rely on. This truly is an example of democracy at work and I applaud the tens of thousands of advocates across this state who would not rest until these cuts were fully restored.”

The restorations are made possible by new recommendations put forth by a working group established earlier this year that achieves savings without impacting important disability-related programs. Under the new agreement, if these savings fall short of $90 million, state funds will now be used to make up the difference.