Gallivan Questions Dmv Contract for New Licenses WITH Canadian Company

Senate Economic Development Chair Cites Economic and Safety Concerns, Urges Comptroller’s Office To Thoroughly Review Contract

“The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles’ apparent selection of a bid submitted by CBN Secure Technology of Canada to produce the state’s next generation drivers licenses raises several questions and concerns.”

“The fact that CBN’s bid was the most expensive to taxpayers and would shift the development and manufacturing processes out of the United States raises some questions as New York State continues to grapple with budget issues. I hope the State Comptroller’s office gives this contract a thorough review to ensure tax dollars are being invested wisely.”

“I am also concerned about the fundamental safety and security of the proposed new licenses. As a career law enforcement officer with 22 years of combined experience with the New York State Police and as Erie County Sheriff, I know that drivers licenses serve as the principle form of identification for most citizens and should be designed with the best security and public safety features available.”